welcome to amul feed Pvt.Ltd

We the Board of the Directors on behalf of endeavour our committed presence in the world of poultry, cattle and fish with handful of services with superior quality products to cater like best hatched COBB-400, poultry feed, aqua feed, cattle feed for the end uses/ farmers of Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisghar, Orissa, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

Why AMUL?   
When there are so many players playing in the market since long then the question is very obvious.
But DEAR VIEWERS, we are ready to answer of the question in a promising manner:-

      • We are here with the most latest technology
      • Our products are available after eliminating almost all the shortcomings and errors gathered from
      • extensive market survey.
      • Nutrition values of feed are in the best match with genetic character of breed to get the optimum result.
      • The best return of our value.
      • As we are the youngest among other hence more innovative, energetic, committed and devoted for you as well.
    1. WE Insure
      Quality -> Value ->Money
      Quality- Quality production directly depend on 
      Quality in inputs
      Quality of Formulae
      Quality of Machines & Manpower
      Quality Distribution channel
      Value – Our product is valued for
      Life stock on getting best nutrition value
      Farmers on getting best result on less effort
      Dealers because the product in self explanatory
      User as they get healthy & genuine contents
      Money – We insure better result of your investment because

Less feed consumption converts more money saving  

Good Looking Healthy yellow leg bird fetch good money                                                         

Healthy and disease free bird means fuller return 


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